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Data Science

Data Science

In its purest form, a Data Scientist means someone who will use their Programming, Analytical, Insight and Business Interfacing skills to answer questions which may not even have been asked. Whether you’re into Data Munging, Python Development, providing Insight, Modelling, creating Machine Learning solutions – or all of the above. We work with clients ranging from small FinTech startups, Public Bodies, Global Consulting Groups and Banks – more importantly an excellent reputation in this rapidly expanding and highly interesting growth sector.

Data Scientists are a new Breed – they’re Analytical experts who will typically possess skills in Programming, Analytics, Modelling and have some solid Commercial Acumen. Data Scientists create business solutions with a positive affect on the bottom line – often before the problem exists. They must be fed (given the data they need) and watered (given the tools they require) regularly and given the opportunity to grow alongside other business areas.

Hands-down THE most exciting and fastest-growing space we recruit within – PeopleGenius have been involved in the Data Science revolution from Day Dot. As new technologies, platforms, Data Sources and techniques evolve – as does the Data Scientist, as do we.

Whether you have skills in NLP or you’re a Python enthusiast – the fast-moving world of Data Science

Here’s an example of some of the roles we Recruit for in Data Science

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) Developer
  • ML (Machine Learning) Specialist
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) Developer
  • IOT (Internet of Things) Developer
  • BlockChain Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Big Data Developer
  • Data Engineer
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Over the past 5 years we’ve seen fledgling AI businesses flourish into worldwide Consultancies – we’ve helped larger businesses acquire hard to find AND hard to reach talent in niche areas of Data Science. So, whether you’re looking for a role yourself or looking to make that all important next Data Science hire – get in touch and we can talk through what we do and how we do it. 

Technologies used  In Data Science: Pig, Python, Spark, Hive, Hadoop, SAS, R, S-Plus, Java, c#, Matlab, Spark, Pandas, ETL, SQL, PHP, MongoDB, Postman, AngularJS, SASS, JIRA, NoSQL, AmazonML, AmazonWS, Qlikview, Jupiter, Perl, Minitab, Mathematica

Job Titles: Data Scientist, Senior Data Scientist, Head of Data Science, Chief Data Scientist, AI Developer, NLP Programmer, NLP Specialist, Robotics Engineer,  Machine Learning Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer, DevOps Engineer, DevOps PM, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Head of ML, Head of Data, Data Science Director, DS Contractor, ML Contractor, AI Developer, Artificial Intelligence Developer, Head of AI, Head of Artificial Intelligence, Database Administrator, Data Architect, Chief Architect, Chief Analytics Officer, Advanced Analytics Manager, Director of Health Analytics, Predictive Analytics Manager, Analytics Science Manager

Credit Risk

We’re highly experienced in placing candidates across all Retail and Corporate Risk roles. Across the full Credit Lifecycle from Acquisition to Collections & Recoveries.

Marketing & Digital

We’ve been operating in this area since well before everyone started calling themselves Data Scientists! PeopleGenius can engage In meaningful conversations with clients and candidates.

Data Science

In its purest form, a Data Scientist means someone who will use their Programming, Analytical, Insight and Business Interfacing skills to answer questions which may not even have been asked.

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